What Snooker Cue is Right For Me?

Deciding which snooker cue to choose can be a daunting task for most of us. There are always a number of key factors that you need to consider when making your choice. https://tablemate.in

To make sure that you’ve got all your bases covered when facing your mates at the next snooker match, we’ve provided a list of considerations that you will need to take into account when choosing a new snooker cue.

One of the less emphasized aspects of cue purchase considerations is what the cue is made of. Ash and Maple are the two primary types of wood used to make cues. Each has their own qualities with Ash considered to be stiffer than Maple. Ash wood has a very visible grain, while Maple’s grain is very tight. Try both because wood type is largely a matter of feel.

Once you have decided what type of wood you would like your snooker cue to be, there are three main attributes to consider. These are the cue’s shape, the weight as well as the length. These attributes must be carefully considered so you can make the right choice.

Generally, cues are approximately 57 ” 58 inches long. Longer cues are going to be heavier so you would need to consider the added weight that this would bring. Also, if your reach is important, you may want to consider a longer cue.

The weight of a snooker cue is largely a matter of feel and the advantages are generally the same, regardless of how heavy it is. The weight of a cue is an important consideration especially as the force used to break the pyramid is increased for heavier cues.

Considering that the weight of a snooker cue will be approximately 17 ” 21 ounces, heavier cues tend to tire out inexperienced players or players that have been playing for a long period of time. This is an important attribute to consider when choosing your cue.

Snooker cue shape is the one attribute that is entirely a matter of feel. Many folks favor slender cues that offer a freedom of range on your hand “bridge.” Still others prefer a thicker form that settles snugly into your hand.

Satisfy these attributes in choosing your snooker cue and soon you will be the ruler of the table.


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