UGG Boots – Comfort Is The Last Word In Fashion

Comfort is the key word when it comes to Ugg boots. In these days when people seem to be driven solely by the fashionable products in the market, it is quite refreshing to find a footwear company that is bold enough to focus on making boots that are just comfortable and not trendy. Legends have it that the name Ugg originally came from the English word ugly. For a very long time ugg boots referred to a certain style of Australian sheepskin boots that were made keeping only the comfort factor in mind. In fact the word ugg was so common around that time that it was found in several dictionaries published in Australia around that

During the First World War it was a custom among pilots to wear a certain kind of fleece lined ugg boot called FUG. Farmers in Australia were known to wear these boots and also surfers wore them to warm their feet after they came in from surfing. Several Australian companies still make these boots and call them Australian sheepskin boots, while the term UGG has been taken over and patented by a US company named Deckers Outdoor Corporation that now manufactures the hugely popular UGG Australia boots.

These shoes from UGG look a little bigger than the normal footwear and some even find them downright ugly, but they are unbelievably soft and warm, and they practically pamper your feet. There are fashion conscious people who hate these ugg bailey button boots; in fact there are even people who have publicly wanted these boots banned. But then again this has only added to the wild craze around these boots, because love it or hate it you’ve to admit that these boots are amazingly comfortable. No wonder, hence, that there are a multitude of celebrities around the world who endorse these boots directly or indirectly.

In spite of the resistance that many fashion conscious people put up, there is one undeniable truth and that is Ugg boots are not your regular shoes, and everything said and done you really stand out of a crowd when you wear button baileys from Ugg. In fact, a lot of people wear these boots because of the ‘unique’ factor attached to them. And, of course there is always the huge bonus that these boots are comfortable more than anything else and provide a lot of warmth to your feet in cold climate.

The UGG bailey button boots come in a diverse assortment of sizes, styles, designs, and colors and depending on the style or model of shoe you’ve bought you can wear them with jeans, or any kinds of winter or ski wear. Typically these boots are worn during the winter or in snowy weather for the thermal insulation factor, and hence are very commonly worn with all kinds of dresses that are common in skiing. Women look great with long pairs of jeans neatly tucked under these boots, or in short skirts in contrasting colors with that of the boot. Men can get a casual but rugged look if they wear these boots with jeans and shirts.


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