Solar panel cost: Price range of different types of solar panels and how much govt. subsidy can you avail for installing one Read more at:

Like shape made            up of slices of semiconducting cloth, usually silicon. Silicon is set up under non-reflective glass to produce PV panels that acquire photons from the sun and convert them into DC (direct modern-day) electric powered strength. This DC power then flows into an inverter which transforms it into AC (alternating modern-day) electric electricity.

Different sorts of sun panels and their prices in India
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https://economictimes.Indiatimes.Com//small-biz/productline/electricity-generation/solar-panel-value-rate-range-of-specific-sorts-of-solar-panels-and-how-a lot-executive-subsidy-can-you-avail-for-installing-one/articleshow/69327365.Cms?Utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=textual content&utm_campaign=cppst

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