Small Tips That Make A Difference

Small Tips That Make A Difference:

Take advantage of the AC early! The cabin temperature is high with all those passengers on Passenger Lifts board. Above your seat are air-conditioner vents (one per person). Twist the top ring to open the vent and then adjust it so the air hits your face. Keeping cool while flying will reduce the likelihood of nausea. Try to do this when you first sit down although sometimes the AC won’t turn on until you begin taxiing.

Make sure you eat before you fly. I’d recommend having some food about an hour and half before departure time. Obviously don’t eat a ton of food but you won’t want to fly on an empty stomach. An empty stomach can lead to nausea as well. Don’t rely on airline food to fill you up either! (Especially since airlines have been cutting back on how much they feed you.)

*One small trick of the trade: When serving drinks, flight attendants often take out a small cup and fill it up about half way with your preferred beverage…try asking the flight attendants if you can have the entire can of soda. (Be courteous of course.) They’ll usually hand it to you without question, giving you enough liquid to actually quench your thirst! (It’s a trivial tip, I know!)

Music is a great thing to have. You should absolutely bring your Mp3 or CD player with you. This probably goes without saying though! Put your earbuds in after the flight attendants give permission to use electronic devices and sit back and relax. Keep the volume low enough so that you can hear the flight attendant and/or pilot should they make an announcement during the flight. On many aircraft, you can plug headphones, provided by the airline in the seat pocket in front of you, into a plug on your armrest. You can then choose from a selection of music to listen to.

This may sound like a strange idea but I promise it’s good advice! Make your movements slow once you’re up and flying. The aircraft is moving very quickly through the air and it’s taking you with it. If you turn your head too fast or stand up too quickly, your insides will make sure you know it. There’s no need to jump out of your seat and run up the aisle!

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